Christian Marriage and Counseling

Mission Statement

Seeking to make God's ways and words concerning marriage available to all couples, the primary focus of Christian Fellowship of Love marriage ministry is to provide biblical instruction and spiritual support for those who desire to experience the joy and power of a covenant relationship. The scope of the marriage ministry mission is comprehensive, encompassing marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and marriage healing/reconciliation.

Consider the awesome hope and promise within which God has infused His creation, the physical and the human; And, how much of this "promise" was to be dependent upon the interrelationship between a man and a woman in covenant marriage bond.

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Congregational Care and Development

Mission Statement

The mission of the congregational care and development ministry is to offer support to parishioners as witnesses to the faithfulness of God and promotes Christian growth among those who are bereaved, distressed, spiritually-conflicted, or health challenged.

Ministry Objectives
  • Coordinate care support for parishioners empowering short-term long-term illnesses
  • Provides grief support for parishioners experiencing losses
  • Offer opportunities for parishioners to develop a deeper life of faith
  • Train laity to provide support for parishioners experiencing, illness, grief and crises that impede general health and spiritual well being
  • Celebrate the faith victories of parishioners

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Counseling Ministry

The counseling ministry provides counseling to individuals, parents, and groups and is based on the principles of God's Word-The Bible. The counseling ministry witnesses about God's love and healing power and helps make disciples for him.

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Prayer Ministry

The vision of the prayer ministry is to lift up a congregation of believers who actively engage in all manner of prayer with the demonstration of God's anointing in healing, deliverance, and direction-resulting in greater intimacy in worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's mission is to witness the compassion and leadership of Jesus Christ as it is manifested through feverent effectual prayer, thus compassion driven is our motto.

Beautification Ministry

Is responsible for the building (interior and exterior) and grounds upkeep of the entire church's complex.

Media Ministry

Is made up of a group of volunteers who provide audio CD's and lighting support in an effort to enhance the overall worship experience.

Usher Ministry

Directing members and visitors to their seat and making sure that they are welcomed with a smile, and directing the congregation during the bringing of tithes and offering.

Greeters Ministry

A group of volunteers who are committed to providing a warm welcome to all who attend any worship service.

Funeral Ministry

Express their concern, love and care to families of the church's deceased members by hosting and after-funeral fellowship dinner.

Evangelism Ministry

The goal of the evangelism ministry is to fulfill The Great Commission given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:

Jail and Prison Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to minister to those who are incarcerated and their families.

Men's Ministry

Men About The Business of the Bible. The purpose of this ministry is to commit to teaching every male how to be all that God has created him to be: A spiritual leader in his family and community, also to help every male develop a love for studying and applying God's Word to his life.

First Aid Care Team Ministry

Is a professional medical team providing comfort for those who are in distress or need medical care on Sundays. The team also organizes on-site medical support from various medical agencies.

Music Ministry

Provide appropriate music for all worship services.

Children and Youth Ministry

Provide training and supervision for children and youth church.

Nursery Ministry

Volunteers who work in the nursery once a month.

Homeless Ministry

Provide food and clothing for those who are homeless. Meals are prepared each week for them, and on hot summer days cold bottled water is passed out.

Food Pantry Ministry

Provide food for those in the neighborhood every third Saturday of the month by volunteers.